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Submission Radio: UFC 194 post-fight roundtable discussion special

Submission Radio brings you a special UFC 194 post-fight roundtable session with Kirik Jenness (The Underground), Duane Finley (Bleacher Report), Paul Dollery (The42) and an appearance from Tommy Toe Hold.

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UFC 194 was a monumental night, as two titles changed hands, in what was one of the biggest events in the company's history.

Not only are the eras of Conor McGregor and Luke Rockhold upon us, but potential fresh title challengers have already emerged from the UFC's recent stack of events.

To help make sense of the action and storylines that have come from the past week, Submission Radio teamed up with Kirik Jenness (The Underground) and Duane Finley (Bleacher Report) to break it all down in a roundtable discussion. Also on the special episode is the perspective of Irish MMA journalist Paul Dollery (The42) and a hilarious appearance from Tommy Toe Hold.

As always, the video above features clickable annotations and timestamps. We hope you enjoy the show.

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