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UFC 194: Demian Maia says he's 'ready for the title' after Nelson win

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Demian Maia criticizes UFC rankings, says he is ready for his title shot at welterweight.

Demian Maia
Demian Maia
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Demian Maia is done gatekeeping in the welterweight division.  Currently riding a four-fight winning streak and coming from a stupendous unanimous decision win over Gunnar Nelson at UFC 194, the former middleweight title challenger now wants meaningful fights that will earn him a shot at UFC gold.

"Gunnar asked for this fight, and he is a great fighter, but I didn't." Maia told Combate. "I want to fight someone who will take me to the title. All my performances in this weight class have been dominant.  Everytime I won, I didn't give my opponents a chance. I had my title run at middleweight and now I want the welterweight belt."

In his post-fight speech, Maia took the opportunity to criticize the UFC's current ranking system. Now, he delves deeper into the matter.

"People are influenced by marketing and whatnot. I think the ranking system should be defined with a mathematic formula or something and not just someone's opinion over who's the better fighter. I beat Magny, a Performance of The Night, by the way. After that he fought twice and defeated Erick Silva and Kelvin Gastelum, but Gastelum, who lost to him, rose two spots. I don't know what's up with that. I'm ready for the title, I'm a much improved fighter."

Demian Maia defeated Gunna Nelson by unanimous decision at UFC 194, in Las Vegas, on December 12.