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Cruz on McGregor: Movement and fluidity drills are the future of MMA

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Former UFC champ, Dominick Cruz says movement and fluidity drills, like what Conor McGregor does, are the future of Mixed Martial Arts.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Conor McGregor has always spoken about 'moving differently' than most fighters in the UFC. The Irishman claims to be 'obsessed with movement', and prior to his title bout against Jose Aldo, he took it to a different level and hired a movement coach in Ido Portal for his camp.

Dominick Cruz, who is no stranger to creating his own unorthodox movement-based style, also spoke about how these drills would be the future of Mixed Martial Arts.

"People always wonder why (McGregor) does all these movement drills. 'What's this guy doing? What's he showing off?'," Cruz said on a recent periscope session. "The thing is, that's the future of the sport. That movement, fluidity, having movements in every single position."

"There's no 'wrong' or 'right' style in this sport, that's what's beautiful about Mixed Martial Arts. There's no wrong way to train for these fights," he said. "Like what McGregor is doing. His movement, and the way he moves up and down, the stances that he chooses that look 'goofy', the splits that he does -- all that can kind of make it weird to make reads (for his opponent)."

"When you look at Jose Aldo, it's a traditional style. You can make easier reads on a traditional style than you can on somebody that is moving in different directions, switching on southpaw to conventional, throwing spin kicks, and that sort."

Cruz and McGregor's camps aren't the only ones incorporating a lot of these types of drills. Carlos Condit, who is training for his title bout against Robbie Lawler, has also been doing a lot of 'natural movement' fitness workouts since his last bout.

"Functional movement and mobility work make strength gains more applicable to my game," Condit said on social media. "Just like I train different martial arts, training in a wide variety of fitness modalities is important for overall athleticism. Move better, Fight better."

Condit faces Lawler at UFC 195, while Cruz faces a fellow footwork-heavy stylist in T.J. Dillashaw. Both title bouts happen this January.