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UFC 194 Results: Conor McGregor may never make 145 again, could get title fight at 155 lbs

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Plot twist. Newly minted UFC champ, Conor McGregor may 'never' make 145 lbs again, and could simply move up for a title fight at 155 lbs.

Conor McGregor just knocked out Jose Aldo in swift fashion at UFC 194, becoming the undisputed featherweight champion and breaking a UFC record in the process. The obvious question is 'what's next?'

If McGregor's coach is to be believed, this may be the last time he fights at 145 lbs. According to Dana White, Jon Kavanaugh told him that McGregor is never making 145 lbs again.

Conor cuts a significant amount of weight to make featherweight, and the UFC president confirmed on Fox Sports 1 that if McGregor does choose to move to lightweight, it will likely be a title bout against the winner of Rafael Dos Anjos vs Donald Cerrone.

If he does indeed move up, this could be a tough blow to Frankie Edgar, who has been promised a featherweight title shot (again) by beating Chad Mendes. McGregor was also asked about a match against Edgar in Croke Park in Ireland, where he says would be 'sweet', but he'd be leaving his options open.