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TUF 22 Finale results: Ryan Hall wins TUF contract

Ryan Hall won a six-fight TUF contract with a decision win over Artem Lobov at the TUF 22 Finale.

Ryan Hall defeated Artem Lobov by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-26)

It wasn't the prettiest TUF fight in history, but grappling phenom Ryan Hall got the job done in the TUF 22 lightweight final against Artem Lobov. Hall, who had been training with Lobov at SBG recently, used his special skills on the ground to have Lobov in danger early and often.

Hall deftly took Lobov's back early in the first round, dragging him to the ground and seemingly had him stuck in a rear naked choke. Somehow Lobov survived, but he was unable to escape the body triangle Hall had on him for the rest of the round.

The second and the third rounds looked pretty much the same - Hall rolling in awkwardly on Lobov's legs, looking to secure a leg lock or gain an advantageous position, while Lobov swung and missed with strikes. Finally in the third, Hall rode  him like a human backpack for the whole final half of the round.

Hall took the wide decision with two 30-26 scores and one 30-27.