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Werdum: 'I will beat Cain again, I don't mean to be arrogant'

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Fabricio Werdum is very confident ahead of his rematch against Cain Velasquez, on Super Bowl. Why? Because his coach has already seen the future.

Fabricio Werdum
Fabricio Werdum
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Fabricio Werdum finally got a date for his awaited rematch against Cain Velasquez for the UFC heavyweight title . Although the fight won't happen in Brazil as he wanted to, Werdum can't be sad about headlining the Super bowl weekend pay per view card.

Plus he feels like he will soundly beat Cain again, as he told Combate, so it won't matter to him.

"I'm really happy to have settled on this date.  Of course I really tried to make it happen in Brazil, but it didn't work. I'm sure I'll have another opportunity to fight in my country in the future. Actually, my coach, Rafael Cordeiro had already foreseen I would beat Cain and we would rematch in Las Vegas.

"To be honest, I think he told me that about two years ago.  Now it's really happening, just like he said.  I'm really happy that everything he saw is coming true. I will beat Cain again. I don't mean to be arrogant, just confident."

Fabricio Werdum is scheduled to take on Cain Velasquez for the second time at UFC 196, on February 6, in Las Vegas.