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19-year-old UFC prospect Sage Northcutt isn't allowed to use the internet

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Apparently the much hyped 19-year-old UFC prospect in Sage Northcutt isn't really allowed to use the internet.

Sage Northcutt is 6-0 and made a successful debut last October, where he showcased his athleticism. The UFC has since pushed and marketed him even harder, with the 19-year-old gaining a bigger following and being insanely hyped.

Commentators Brian Stann and Jon Anik spoke about how such a young man would be able to handle the pressure, and this is where an interesting tidbit about Northcutt was revealed.

Stann: "All the attention is on him, and certainly he's getting a lot of it from the media and from the UFC. How does he deal with that pressure? How does he deal with a fighter who doesn't give him all the space to do all those fancy techniques? How does he deal when he gets smacked in the mouth?"

Anik: "Well not to say that Sage Northcutt is immune to the pressure, but he almost isn't quite aware of how big a deal he has become. He's not really allowed to use the internet, so he is shielded from a lot of the buzz."

It is also interesting to note that Northcutt has active twitter and instagram accounts with 26k and 113k followers respectively. He routinely posts photos of himself posing with random things, but does this mean it's actually his parents running those accounts?