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UFC 194 Video: Sonnen says Jose Aldo may miss weight to get out of McGregor fight

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Watch Chael Sonnen talk about UFC 194's main event bout between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor.

Chael Sonnen is in Las Vegas on a different role, now covering UFC 194 as part of the media with ESPN. The former UFC title contender did speak to MMA Fighting about the main event, where he gave his thoughts on Aldo vs McGregor.

"I'm not positive Jose Aldo is going make weight for this fight," Sonnen said. "If he can find a way out of this fight right now, he will take it. The problem is, he's here, and he's healthy. His last chance to get out of this, or at least have his title on the line, or at least have the full fiver, is to not make weight."

"So until I see him on the scale, I'm not going to buy it. He's clearly scared of Conor. He's already pulled out of this fight once."

He also connected this to about Aldo's reluctance to do much media during the build up to this fight.

"One of the reasons you get into the UFC, is you want people watching," he said. "When you have an athlete, who does everything he can to make sure people don't tune in... You have an athlete, who does everything he can to make sure people don't know when, where, how to get tickets, where the PPV is... That's not a great sign."

"If you are going to whip my ass, you're going to want people to watch... Jose Aldo will do everything he can to make sure nobody is on the TV on Saturday night, and I haven't seen anything like it."

Sonnen went on to repeat his previous statements. He states Conor is also "feathering his nest" for a defeat, and that both men seem to be so scared of each other, and so sure they're both going to lose.