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Reebok blames 'Anderson Aldo' UFC t-shirts on printing facility error

Reebok has released a statement regarding the "Anderson Aldo" UFC t-shirt, which has since been pulled from their online store.

Reebok screenshot

The MMA world was stunned to find out via Reebok that Anderson Silva was actually Anderson Aldo, the older brother of Jose Aldo. Of course, this isn't the case, and it was actually another mindboggling mistake made by the UFC's apparel partner, who have been subject to heavy criticism and ridicule since the deal officially kicked in over the summer.

After the snafu was pointed out and spread like wildfire across the MMA web-o-sphere, Reebok officials removed the link to the Anderson Aldo shirt and released a statement on this issue. (Via MMA Fighting)

"Unfortunately, an error was made at one of our printing facilities," said a PR representative for the company. "We are currently working to rectify the issue."

It's another mea culpa for Reebok, who recently apologized for omitting Northern Ireland from their map of Ireland, which prompted SBG head coach John Kavanagh to suggest that he would end relations with Reebok if the shirt wasn't pulled from stock.

So thankfully that's been cleared up, but Reebok may want to explain why Rafael dos Anjos is listed as the UFC's interim lightweight champion. (H/T Jeremy Botter)