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Weight specialist: I'd help Hendricks and Penn cut weight 'for free'

Weight management specialist Lou Giordano offers his help to former UFC champions Johny Hendricks and B.J. Penn 'for free.'

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Weight management specialist Lou Giordano, who is the owner of Nüe-Trition Supplements and responsible for making Eddie Gordon's most recent weight cut this past June the easiest of his career, recently spoke to Cage Pages regarding expert nutritionist Mike Dolce and Dolce's method of cutting weight.

Many fighters praise the expert, but others, like UFC Hall of Famer B.J. Penn, have spoken out against Dolce several times in the past. According to Giordano, Dolce constantly blames his clients for "being lazy" when they do not make weight.

"I have been in the industry for fifteen years. You are always going to have people who are not happy, but when multiple former world-class champions, a guy like B.J. Penn who helped put the UFC on the map, multiple champions, you know, Johny Hendricks who is a world-class guy and a world-class fighter, come out saying what they are saying then obviously they are not happy with the services that he provided," he said. "There is a problem with that. To make it worse, Dolce blamed them and said they are lazy. They are lazy?

"You were hired and paid $1,000 a day and B.J. Penn said he has never felt worse," Giordano said, in reference to Dolce. "If I ever charged a client $1,000 a day and they've never felt worse, I probably should look for a new profession."

Dolce has claimed he is still friends with Penn, however the former titleholder recently told he is "sick and tired of talking about Mike Dolce," and wants to fight Dolce's client, Nik Lentz, and then "smash" the nutritionist afterwards. Looks like their friendship isn't mutual.

"Dolce was saying B.J. and him are great friends and whatnot, but then Penn was on an interview and rips him apart," he laughed. "Penn said he would run through Dolce’s boy, Nik Lentz, and then run through Dolce after that. I do not know about you, but my friends do not talk about running through me. It is clear that Dolce is a fraud. Hearing how adamant B.J. was on how unhappy he was, it is clear that Mike is trying to cover up that he messed up. We all make mistakes, so just own that. Once they stopped working together, everyone said it was mutual, but now the truth is coming out. When the grass is cut the snakes always show. Sooner or later the truth will always come out."

Giordano also said he has been compared to Dolce by many people, and that's something that he isn't happy about because of the several differences between their services. He explained why his service of weight management, rather than Dolce's weight cutting service is much safer.

"You never cut weight with me," he said. "You are never dehydrated. Every one of Dolce's clients step on the scale and they are dehydrated. They have to drink something immediately. A majority of them, and I can't say this for a fact, but I am pretty sure because of how adamant he was about the IV ban, but most of his clients must have used an IV. It is obvious -- Dolce promotes extreme weight cutting.

"He wants you to walk around big, do an extreme weight cut, use an IV to re-hydrate, but you make weight. You feel terrible, but you make weight. Now you have me, in my method you are going to be fully hydrated, you are going to feel better than you have ever felt, and you step on that scale and make weight. Which would you rather do?"

Giordano has an offer to make to Hendricks and Penn, and despite that the former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion is currently retired, he has recently stated he is open to a return to the Octagon in the not-so-distant future. His offer is to do a trial weight cut with the two fighters, and see how it goes.

"So, what I would like to do is tell B.J. Penn and tell Johny Hendricks to allow me to do a test weight cut for them," Giordano said. "Quote-unquote weight cut because we are not going to cut weight; I am going to manage your weight and I am going to do it for free. It won’t cost you a dime. All it will cost you is your ears, your time, and you have to just listen to me and to hear me out.

"Let's do a trial run and then let's compare Dolce’s way versus mine. I mean Mike and I can go back and forth arguing about who is better, but at the end of the day, it is the client that is going to feel the difference. I would like to extend my full services to Johny Hendricks and B.J. Penn, and for free. I want them to feel the difference. I can manage your weight from home. I do not need to be with you for four or five weeks. That is how good my program is and that is how I designed it. I made it so easy to follow so that I do not need to be there. So, Johny and B.J.: I will manage your weight for free!"

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