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Moraga: 'I've been dealing with my own concussion since my last fight'

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John Moraga has been out of action since his May fight against Joseph Benavidez because of a concussion.

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Concussions have affected several fighters in the sport of mixed martial arts, including top lightweight T.J. Grant and bantamweight prospect Chris Holdsworth. Fighters are often out of action for a year or even two because of concussions and post-concussion syndrome. Concussions are treatable, and don't usually last too long. On the other hand, there are no specific treatments for post-concussion syndrome, which can last up to a year.

UFC flyweight contender John Moraga is the latest to publicize a recent concussion he suffered in his last fight earlier this year at UFC 187 against two-time title challenger Joseph Benavidez.

"I've been dealing with my own concussion since my last fight," Moraga wrote on his Facebook page. "Disconnected and dizzy is the best way to describe how I felt during the fight and afterward I knew something was wrong, I was just too dissappointed to dwell on it."

Moraga didn't know he had a concussion until he was forced to go to the hospital the morning following his fight in May.

"At 7:00am the next morning I woke up from a crazy dizzy episode and had to go to the hospital," he explained. "I was diagnosed with a concussion and sent home. Two months later after doing nothing and only resting, I tried to start working out again but things were still not the same.

"It turns out I had some inner ear issue and my balance was a total mess and I couldn't turn my head quick without getting nauseous and dizzy."

"Chicano" said in the statement that the concussion and its symptoms were the "scariest time" of his veteran career. According to him, he hasn't been training much if at all since the May 23rd fight against the Team Alpha Male fighter in Benavidez, and is slowly working towards recovery.

"I'm feeling like the therapy is finally starting to get me back to normal and I am expected to make a full recovery. Thank you all for the support."