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McGregor: 'I am going to get very, very rich and then I will get out'

The Irish superstar plans to leave the sport as long as he's healthy. However, before he does, he wants to make as much money as he can.

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

The shelf life of a professional fighter is very limited. It is only a thin line between cheered world beater and pitied has-been. Many have crossed that line in the past and UFC interim featherweight titleholder Conor McGregor doesn't want to be one of them.

"I am not stupid. I am a very bright guy," the Irish superstar recently said during an interview with UK's GQ Magazine. "I know that in the fighting game, you get people who get brain damage and do themselves long-term harm."

So the brash 145-pounder set a goal for himself. And although he doesn't know  when his fighting career will be over yet, he knows one thing for sure: He will leave with enough money to be set for life.

"I am going to get very, very rich and then I will get out and we will see what comes after that."

What comes next for McGregor is a long awaited featherweight title unification bout against champion Jose Aldo. Both men were originally scheduled to meet in July at UFC 189 but Aldo pulled out of the fight with a broken rib. They will finally square off on December 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada.