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Report: Pitbull brothers sparked hotel brawl with Bellator champ Will Brooks

A source close to the incident reveals details of the brawl between the Pitbull brothers and Bellator lightweight champion Will Brooks.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today an avalanche of tweets poured out of Bellator Lightweight Champion Will Brooks' Twitter account. The tweets detailed an incident with him and the Pitbull brothers, Patricio Freire and Patricky Freire.

According to Brooks, the brothers attacked him while completely unprovoked, resulting in a small brawl between the two camps. A source that saw most of the incident revealed additional details of the brawl to

According to the source, Will's story of being on the phone with his mother is true and that out of nowhere, completely unprovoked, Patricio pushed him hard. The source said that a scuffle broke out soon after. In the scuffle, Patricky jumped in and "cracked Will hard as hell" and then it was an outright melee.

Brooks tweeted after the incident that he had been on the phone with his mom while blindsided. This detail lines up with what our witness has told us.

The source's comments on Brooks getting pushed hard by Patricio line up with a tweet from the Bellator Featherweight Champion.

According to MMA Fighting's Marc Raimondi, St. Louis police responded to the scene, but no arrests were made, and in a statement made by the police department spokesman, "there were no injuries and no police report was requested."

Right now, as per the source, they have put Will Brooks and his team in one hotel and the Pitbull brothers and their team in another hotel. The witness also said that there is video of the incident but it is unknown whether or not it will be released publicly.

Brooks has never competed in the cage against either Pitbull brother, but did have a very testy exchange with Patricio on a Bellator 145 conference call a few days ago. Both fighters defend their respective titles this Friday at Bellator 145.

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