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Shlemenko: Sarnavskiy's Bellator release made it easier to go to the UFC

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Former Bellator champion Alexander Shlemenko revealed that his pupil Alexander Sarnavsky would set his sights on the UFC.

Bellator MMA

Last week, several Russian fighters were handed their walking papers from Bellator MMA. However, that appears to have been a blessing in disguise, at least for lightweight Alexander Sarnavskiy.

According to longtime coach and former Bellator middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko, Sarnavskiy's release is actually beneficial since it will allow them to negotiate with the UFC.

"I can say that now with the UFC has become easier," Shlemenko told "His [Alexander Sarnavskiy] released from contractual obligations. Therefore, there are options."

The former M-1 Global and Bellator fighter holds a 33-3 record and went 5-3 during his tenure with Bellator. Despite his solid standing with the promotion, The MMA Report's Jason Floyd revealed that he was released along with Alexander Volkov last week.

Sarnavskiy most recently defeated Jesse Ronson at Abu Dhabi Warriors and is already lined up for another fight in Russia.

"The next fight we held November 28 in Vladivostok. Then another scheduled fights, too."