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Video: Jon Jones deadlifts 585 lbs, explains reason for recent heavy lifting

Jon Jones just performed a freakish sumo deadlift in the gym, and of course there's video footage.

Jon Jones is back to the gym and judging from the looks of this new video footage, he's training with a mission. It shows the former light-heavyweight champion lifting some serious weight, as he performs a freakish sumo deadlift with a ridiculous 585 lbs.

"I've been hearing concerns about me doing so much strength training, but just know that there's a method to our madness," Jones wrote on Instagram. "Right now we are in a strength building phase. Totally aware of all the different things needed to be an elite martial artist. #agility #endurance #cardio #mattime #newskills"

Jones, who is actually known for avoiding gym time when he is not in preparation for a fight, recently got reinstated by the UFC after being stripped of his title and suspended for a felony hit-and-run incident in April. A few days ago, his manager Malki Kawa revealed that he has never seen "Bones" any more focussed than he is right now, and seeing the talented 205-pounder lifting weight like he does in this video could mean, he's right.

A move to heavyweight has long been in talks for Jones, who always had the size for the division, and only lacked the mass. But before he can move up, there is at least one big fight left for him at 205 -- a rematch against new light-heavyweight champion and arch enemy Daniel Cormier.

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