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UFC fans can't blame Reebok for these shirts

The UFC has a new line of tee shirts and this time, fans can't blame Reebok for their odd graphics.

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The partnership between the UFC and Reebok has been anything but smooth, and not just from the financial downturn that many fighters have expressed concerns over. From the moment the fighter kits were launched, there were errors in the spelling of names, errors in the origin countries and most recently, the shirt released the week of UFC Dublin angered many Irish fans when they failed to add Northern Ireland to the shirt they made expressly for, well, Ireland.

Now, the UFC is taking fresh heat from fans critical of their latest "Discipline" tees, and they have nothing at all to do with Reebok. The "officially licensed" line is a UFC product and features the various martial arts disciplines (karate, boxing, Mauy Thai, etc.), portrayed by gray and red stick figures engaged in combat. If you liked the game, "Pick Up Stix" as a child, this line of tee shirts will be right up your alley. Lay your eyes on these bad boys and tell me you're not taking a walk down Nostalgia Lane right this moment.

Something to note here: If those discipline shirts don't do the expected sales numbers, the RYU ones might be able to fill the gap, as they seem to be doing very well. For those that happen to find the new shirts to be just what the dojo ordered, I highly suggest pairing up the "Karate" version  with Reebok's Sparkle Flex Tie Headband for that GSP feel.

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