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KSW heavyweight champion wants Fedor fight

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KSW heavyweight champion Karol Bedorf wants a match-up against Fedor Emelianenko.


On Saturday afternoon, Karol Bedorf stepped into the KSW cage and defended his title with a second round head-kick KO win against Michal Kita. As his opponent collapsed to the canvas, Bedorf towered over him as he admired his handy work.

The win was Bedorf's third knockout win in his last four fights. It was also the third successful defense of his title. With swelled confidence from his recent string of results, Bedorf revealed that he is interested in a match-up against Russian heavyweight legend Fedor Emelianenko.

"I do not know if there are any possibilities that I could face him," Bedorf told "Of course this is Fedor. I'd like to face him purely from a sporting point of view. There is some obsession or something. I just know that somewhere out there is an established co-operation with the Japanese organization Rizin. I am waiting for suggestions from the owners of the [KSW] Federation."

If Bedorf is unable to wriggle his way into the Fedor match-up, he is open to a discussion about a potential non-title fight against Mariusz Pudzianowski. The five-time World's Strongest Man was on a four-fight win streak but suffered a second round TKO loss in his most recent fight against Peter Graham in London.

"Since [Pudzian] lost, you can not assemble this fight from a sporting point of view. I think that the owners of the Federation have a different idea on this. For example, we do not fight for the belt.

"We can always sit down at the table and talk. I'm not closed or reluctant. I am open to business proposals. Go ahead, we can talk."