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UFC responds to '100% inaccurate' statement from Jon Jones

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The UFC has responded to Jon Jones saying he probably wouldn't have been stripped of the title if he was ready to face Anthony Johnson.

Jon Jones recently broke his silence in an hour long interview with MMA Fighting. It is where he discussed various topics about his suspension, said the UFC knew Belfort was on steroids, and claimed he's not a 'coke head' and was just previously 'addicted to marijuana'.

Also among the talking points, was him saying that the UFC probably wouldn't have stripped him of his title after that hit-and-run incident, if he was still willing to go on with the show and face Anthony Johnson.

"I really have a feeling that if I was ready to fight, they would have let me fight," Jones said. "Especially because there was no court date. I wasn't proven guilty of anything at the time. I feel as if they would have let me fight. For sure."

"I told them do whatever you guys have to do."

Jones then claimed that he told the UFC that he wasn't interested in fighting at UFC 187 with 'so much lingering' over him, and that he needed a break.

To him, those statements about not wanting to push through with his title defense led to the UFC suspending him and stripping him of his title, but the UFC has stated otherwise. They released a statement to MMA Fighting about it:

"A UFC official told MMA Fighting that Jones' claim is "100 percent inaccurate" and the decision to strip him of the title was made before a meeting between Jones and the organization ever took place. The official said that execs flew to Albuquerque to offer their support, as well as inform him of their decision to strip him of the belt face to face. The UFC official added that the organization stayed in close communication with Jones, his manager and his publicist throughout the legal process. Execs also flew down to Albuquerque the day of Jones' plea hearing and attended the court proceedings."