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Listen: Submission Radio w/ Urijah Faber, Ricardo Lamas, Mike Dolce

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This week, Submission Radio chat with Urijah Faber, Ricardo Lamas, Mike Dolce. Also, hosts Kacper and Denis break down UFC Seoul and whether or not the UFC will hold on to Benson Henderson.

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Submission Radio is back with an exciting episode, featuring interviews with Urijah Faber, Ricardo Lamas, Mike Dolce, and a breakdown of UFC Seoul.

As always, the video above features clickable annotations and timestamps, and below is a rundown of what to expect on the episode. We hope you enjoy the show.

Urijah Faber returns to the show (at the 1:02:32 mark) to talk about his fight against Frankie Saenz at UFC 194, Frankie as a completely unknown opponent and what his strengths are, fighting TJ Dillashaw for the Bantamweight title, eyeing fights with Dominick Cruz and Conor McGregor, his time on The Ultimate Fighter with McGregor, hanging out with Nate Diaz and Nate growing as a person, getting paid five years after he fought Jose Aldo, dancing with Jon Jones, hanging out with Craig Robinson, and more.

Ricardo Lamas (at the 3:10 mark) returns to the program to talk about his recent win over Diego Sanchez, what a war like that does for his career, if he was surprised at Diego's performance at his new weight class, potential fights with Chad Mendes, Frankie Edgar, Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor, who wins between Mendes and Edgar, if he's hoping McGregor beats Aldo, Aldo's mental state and if Conor's mind games are affecting him, if he would make a parody video about Aldo, and more.

Mike Dolce makes his first appearance on Submission Radio (at the 32:25 mark) to discuss nutrition and obesity, the struggles of losing weight, Johny Hendricks' weight issues and if middleweight is the right division for him, if he promotes extreme weight cutting, whether or not Ronda Rousey was in shape against Holly Holm at UFC 193, the advice given to Ronda by Edmond Tarverdyan, Ronda's crazy media schedule, if Ronda can beat Holly in a rematch, other nutritionists claiming that he's a fraud, the current weight-cutting issue in MMA, and lots more.

Also on the show is a breakdown of UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs Masvidal (at the 1:32:06 mark), and whether or not Benson Henderson will stay with the company.

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