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Belfort's wife explains leaving Blackzilians to start his own camp

Joana Prado says Vitor Belfort was not getting enough attention training at Blackzilians.

Vitor Belfort and Joana Prado
Vitor Belfort and Joana Prado
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It's fight week for Vitor Belfort as he makes the final preparations to face Dan Henderson for the third time next Saturday. As always, it's a busy period for fighters, especially main event ones. But, in order to shed some light on recent issues revolving Belfort's career, his wife and manager, Joana Prado, talked to Sherdog about his decision to change camps.

According to Prado, he left the Blackzilians on a friendly note.

"No, we don't have any problems with the Blackzilians. We like everybody over there, and we always had a great and honest relationship with Glenn (Robinson). Vitor had a great time with the Blackzilians and is very thankful for everything they did for him, but he has been doing this for 20 years and even when he was on a team, we used to hire his own staff. Now, at our gym, he has all eyes looking only at him."

Prado went on to explain how Vitor was divided back when he was preparing to take on Chris Weidman for the middleweight title.

"With the camp for Weidman, Vitor was going to both OTB and the Blackzilians. Like I said before, we always used to bring in our own staff for Vitor's camp. The only difference is that we have all the coaches only work with and for Vitor."

Vitor Belfort is scheduled to fight Dan Henderson on November 7, in Sao Paulo, at UFC Fight Night 77.

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