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Serra would come out of retirement for rematch with 'hall monitor' Hughes

Matt Serra isn't looking for a fight, but he'd take one with Matt Hughes if it was offered. He'd have to give up a certain controversial therapy first though.

Matt Serra likes to talk. This is not a surprise to MMA fans. The retired former UFC welterweight champion was seen most recently on Dana White's Fight Pass show "Looking For a Fight", which unearthed Sage Northcutt. When speaking to Kenny Florian and Jon Anik on their podcast yesterday though, he wanted to talk about a former nemesis - Matt Hughes.

The two men fought way back at UFC 98, with Hughes taking a unanimous decision. Since then, they've continued to make it clear they don't like one another. Hughes has said on Twitter than he'd take a fight with Serra, and upped the ante earlier this year, saying all it would take is a call from White to do it. Serra, in his unique way, also said he'd be up for it. But he'd have to kick TRT to the curb first, so he'd need some time (transcribed by David St. Martin of MMA Fighting):

"It's weird, because I hear Matt Hughes saying that and we had something over a year ago and Dana wasn't entertaining it at all," said Serra. "I'm not the type of guy to be begging for a fight. Don't get me wrong, if I thought there was any way it could happen I'd be, 'F**k yea! Let's do it,' but in the meantime, I'm on [testosterone replacement therapy] TRT. I'd have to get off the TRT.

"I can't stand that guy," Serra continued. "I don't even want to say anything because I know I'm not going to get to smack him or anything. If they said, 'Matt, let's do this,' I'd say, 'I need six months,' because I'm a professional. I never missed weight. I'd have to get into a training camp. I'm not doing that for my health."

He also used the time to take a shot at Hughes' work as UFC Vice President of Athlete Development and Government Relations:

"The guy's talking s**t because he's hoping," said Serra. "Dude, you're best friends with Dana. He gave you a fake ass job. You f**king hall monitor. Come on. Is that guy working harder on the farm or with his fake ass hall monitor job. Fighter relations? Are you f**king serious? If [UFC fighters] have a problem, who are they going to call? I should have that job. Who are they more likely to call? Me or him? I should have that f**king job.

"Seriously, he should just sit back and collect his checks pretending he's doing something. If the UFC said this is actually catching wind and people want to see the fight I would do it the proper way and it would f**king happen. But if it's not going to happen I'm not going to sit here and just flap my gums."

The 41-year-old Serra retired in 2010 after a loss to Chris Lytle. Hughes, 42, hasn't been in the cage since 2011.

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