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Video: Rampage Jackson prank calls Chael Sonnen

Do you like dragons? Watch former UFC champ Rampage Jackson prank call Chael Sonnen.

Quinton Jackson is still at it. The former UFC champion was streaming video games on twitch again, and this time he decided to call up and prank Chael Sonnen.

It's also interesting to note that Sonnen, despite knowing about Rampage's earlier calls, still fell for his 'Do you like dragons?' joke. Watch the clip above which also had a pretty interesting conversation between the two popular UFC fighters.

For the earlier clips of Rampage calling up fellow MMA personalities, check them below:

Rampage drunk dials Ariel Helwani

Do you like Dragons? Rampage calls former opponent Rashad Evans

Do you like Dragons?  Rampage prank calls Donald Cerrone

Rampage, who is currently in the middle of a legal battle with Viacom over his Bellator contract, mentioned that his only options are to settle by writing a check for the billion dollar company, return to Bellator, or retire. Jackson is 37-years-old and has only fought once this year.

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