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Bethe Correia calls out Miesha Tate: 'She doesn't deserve to fight for the title'

Bethe Correia talks about the time she spent training at AKA, as well as also wanting to fight Miesha Tate, who she considers her second biggest rival.

Bethe Correia
Bethe Correia
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Brazilian UFC female bantamweight contender Bethe Correia is eager to get back in the Octagon after the time she spent at the American Kickboxing Academy alongside the likes of Daniel Cormier, Cain Velasquez and Luke Rockhold.

According to Correia, she corrected mistakes she never even knew she committed and found a new will to fight.

"I was so happy when AKA invited me to train in the United States," Correia told Tatame. "It was wonderful, I received a lot of attention, Javier Mendez is spectacular, an incredible coach. Leandro Vieira helped my jiu-jitsu a lot, too. They watched me, my game, what I do right and my mistakes. I got to know a new Bethe there. I found myself and every fighter needs to do that, because I left my comfort zone. Daniel Cormier gave me wonderful tips, Luke Rockhold too, I learned so much. I'm a different athlete now, I know what I want and the style I want to impose in my next fight."

Speaking of her next fight, Correia already has a name on her mind. She would like to take on former title challenger, Miesha Tate, who rides a four-fight winning streak.

"I believe Miesha Tate's fights were not that great to secure her a title shot that she asks for so much. She hasn't knocked anybody out. I have. I want to fight her and show what I'm really capable of. I only have one loss and that is to the former champion. No wonder all girls in the UFC want to fight me. I've been waiting, but I really want to fight my second biggest rival in the UFC. She called me out, campaigned on Twitter and said some horrific things about me. She even called me a newbie and said I shouldn't be where I am. That sounds like envy to me. So I want this fight to happen, because I think she doesn't deserve to fight for the title again."

In her last outing, Bethe Correia was knocked in 34 seconds by Ronda Rousey at UFC 190.

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