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Video: Watch this nasty dislocated elbow injury from UFC Seoul

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Check out the highlights of Fredy Serrano's win over Yao Zhikui at UFC Seoul.

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier in the night, Dominique Steele was able to get his first UFC win with a slam KO. Fredy Serrano was looking for a similar result when he threw Tao Zhikui to the mat. While he was able to finish Zhikui with the takedown, it was an injury that forced a stop to the fight.

As Serrano was finishing the takedown, Zhikui tried to post out his right arm in order to lessen the impact of the fall. Instead, his arm bent in an awkward direction, and it appeared as if he had dislocated his elbow. After a couple of quick punches, the referee noticed the injury and stepped in to stop the fight.

The win for Serrano is his second in the UFC as he won his UFC debut in March by knocking out Bentley Syler. Check out the highlights below: