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Askren: Ronda Rousey bought into her own hype, it's going to be hard to come back

Ben Askren spoke about Ronda Rousey, saying that the former UFC champion probably bought into her own hype.

Being the biggest star in the sport, lots of people have been weighing in on Ronda Rousey's loss to Holly Holm. The latest has been decorated wrestler and welterweight star Ben Askren, who after seeing a video with Rousey hiding her face from the cameras, took to twitter to comment.

He reinforced his statements and elaborated further on a recent appearance at the MMA Hour.

"I think she bought into her own hype so much, that this was just so devastating. It's going to be hard to come back from," Askren said. "Sometimes when you buy into your own hype that much and the bubble gets burst, it's hard to come back from."

"That clip on TMZ, I want to say that was five days after the fight, and by that point a well-rounded mature adult would've said: ‘listen, I got my ass kicked. It happened, but I'm going to be back. This isn't the end for me. Listen, people lose. That happens. It's acceptable. But I'm coming back and I'm going to get my title.'"

"But she was so distraught over what had happened, it's going to take her a long time," he said. "I think it's going to take her a long time, if ever. Maybe she's going to say, 'hey, I made enough money in movies, this fighting thing is hard, right? It's tough. I'm going to go do that, it's easier.'"

If the player above doesn't work, watch the YouTube clip here. Askren's interview starts around the 1:15:00 mark.

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