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UK organization to hold wheelchair boxing match in December

A UK organization is scheduled to hold a wheelchair boxing match at their next event in December.

Modified Mixed Martial Arts Wheeled Warriors (MMMAWW) is a non-profit organization founded by Colin Wood. They have recently partnered with amateur organization WCMMA and together they will host the first wheelchair boxing match in the UK, next month at WCMMA 23.

The bout is between light heavyweights Phil Bousfield and Paul Robinson, and will feature three two-minute rounds. The bout will be contested under Modified Rules and Regulations, which were developed by Wood.

Wood has plans to expand MMMAWW in the future and promote events on their own, but for now, Wheeled Warrior matches will be apart of other combat sport organizations. MMMAWW was founded several years ago but they have struggled to regularly promote wheelchair boxing matches.

"This will be the first ever wheelchair boxing match held [in the UK]," Wood told "I, myself, tried to have a team beside me, to which most used and abused the situation. Not many understand teamwork and [there was] a lot of greed, selfishness and jealousy. I've been one man up to this point. [I'm] doing everything, you see -- rules and regulations, classification, as well as redesign of a prototype boxing chair.

"The MMMAWW organization had to have a policy to which meant no cutting corners, also equal matched, which was bloody hard, but I learned a lot from those disabled and wishing to learn boxing. Equal matchmaking was key, as well, as making sure disabled [fighters] weren't mismatched."

According to Wood, the fighters will compete in specially-made wheelchairs that are prototypes to be used in boxing, with new technology coming at a later date.

WCMMA is the largest amateur organization in the UK and their next event takes place live from The Troxy Nightclub in London, England on Dec. 4. Headlining the event is a professional MMA bout between heavyweights Paul Shneider and Ashley Pollard. The card features other pro-MMA bouts, amateur bouts as well as the wheelchair boxing match.

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