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UFC's Buffer pins Rousey loss on full schedule

It sounds like the fourth man in the ring for Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm at UFC 193, thinks that the former bantamweight champion's busy Hollywood schedule was behind her upset loss.

It's no secret that Ronda Rousey has been busy. Leading up to the her UFC 193 fight with Holly Holm, she was making regular media appearances, doing big in depth interviews, and even writing her own mini column for Maxim. When she wasn't in camps over the past year or so, she's been filming movies, with several more projects lined up and the various media appearances that go with them. Add in to all that finding the time to co-author her auto-biography and do a few photo shoots, and it's pretty remarkable that she still found the time to keep the full training schedule of an MMA fighter.

Or, by Bruce Buffer's way of thinking, that may have been exactly the problem that lost her the first fight of her career. Too much work, not enough time to do it in, as the longtime announcer told TMZ (transcription via MMAMania):

"Ronda fought three times this year, if I'm not mistaken, made two movies, booked for two more, did more publicity in the last four or five months since her book was released -- which is still number one on the charts -- than most major movie stars releasing motion pictures. This girl didn't have a full plate, this girl had a full table. I think it would affect anybody because you are not focusing on the job at hand as much as you would if that's all you had to focus on. She, again, is an amazing talent so I don't question her, I support her and I think she is going to come back like an incredible beast. I'm sure that if Ronda could take time off, go to the gym and train for three months for a fight with Holly Holm with absolutely no distractions, I don't even want to imagine the Ronda Rousey we're going to see come out. Again, we are talking top of the food chain, Olympic, amazing athlete."

Of course, "absolutely no distractions" could be a long time coming as Rousey is presumably still slated for her upcoming movie roles. The next six months could represent a major conflict as filming may need to take a backseat to fighting if she's going to get ready for a rematch with the first woman to beat her.