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Kennedy on Rousey: There’s coaching, and there’s whatever happened to Ronda

Tim Kennedy joins the growing list of fighters critical of the coaching behind former UFC champ Ronda Rousey.

During Ronda Rousey’s bout against Holly Holm, Edmond Tarverdyan was heavily criticized for not giving good advice and asking for adjustments in between rounds. Count Tim Kennedy in that growing list of people who think the former dominant champion would be better off with a different camp.

"There was coaching and then there was whatever happened with Ronda. I don't want to diminish that word and call it coaching because that's not what happened in Ronda's corner," Kennedy told 1300 The Zone (HT: David St. Martin).

Despite losing handily on the opening round, Tarverdyan seemed to think that his fighter was winning (even going on record about it after the fight). The corner, and in turn Rousey herself, didn’t switch strategies and went on to be badly knocked out less than a minute into the following stanza.

"You definitely have to adjust what you're telling your fighter depending who they are. You have to know who they are. None of us know Ronda well enough to second guess what her coach was doing. Maybe he was doing the right thing? Maybe he was giving her the confidence she needed? Maybe she's someone who needs to operate in confidence? That's just ludicrous, to me, though."

"Ronda had the brakes beaten off her for four and a half minutes," said Kennedy. "Her face is bloody, her nose and lip are bleeding and then you have her coach saying, 'Hey, do the same thing?' Not even like, 'Stick to the game plan. Change levels. Cut an angle and shoot a double leg. Push her up against the fence.' Anything! 'Keep getting punched more.'"

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Kennedy praised Rousey for her skills and accomplishments, but believes that even a long time champ like her could be on a completely different level given the right people behind her.

"I think Ronda is one of those people like Jon Jones, like Holly. People who are just God's gift to pugilism. You put her with the right coaches, with the right training partners, her potential is limitless. You put her with the guys she's been training with? You get what you got."

Kennedy also went on to say that a superior striker in Holm would ‘destroy’ Cyborg if they ever fought.