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Tweet of the Day: Rashad Evans pranks Michael Bisping

Watch Rashad Evans scare co-host and fellow UFC fighter Michael Bisping.

Photo by Anton Tabuena

Rashad Evans played a bit of a prank on his Fox Sports co-host, Michael Bisping this past weekend. The former light heavyweight champion took a video as he scared the pants off his fellow UFC fighter, and he posted it on social media for everyone to see.

I had to knock the cool out of @mikebisping today at Fox. This is what real friends do to each other. :)

A video posted by Suga Rashad Evans (@suga_rashadevans) on

Prior to being friends and co-hosts, Bisping and Evans fought each other to a decision back in 2007. It was The Count's first loss and it prompted a drop to middleweight where he has been competing at since 2008.

Bisping also made headlines as of late, defending Edmond Tarverdyan as many fans and pundits have been calling for Ronda Rousey to replace him. Despite being amidst some legal issues, and having many think he's not the coach to bring Ronda to her full potentialBisping says firing Edmond would be 'ridiculous'.

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