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UFC Monterrey Results: Lamas picks apart Sanchez, gets the decision win

Check out the results of the co-main event from UFC Fight Night: Magny vs. Gastelum in Monterrey, Mexico.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Diego Sanchez was looking to make a successful move down to the Featherweight division while Ricardo Lamas' plan was to notch a win over a well known name. Not only were both fighters looking to win, but both were looking to put on a show in front of the Mexico crowd.

Sanchez took the middle of the cage immediately while Lamas poked out the jab and front kick. Lamas was able to dodge most of Diego's winging punches early on while landing with jabs and straight punches. Lamas landed a nice capoeira kick followed by punches that made Sanchez retreat. After a couple of wild punching exchanges, Lamas pushed for the takedown, and was able to get the back of Sanchez. Lamas rode on Sanchez's back, trying to put in his hooks while kneeing Sanchez in the back of the legs. Sanchez did a good job of not allowing Lamas to gain full back mount, getting the fight back to the feet to end the round.

After getting hit by a combination, Lamas shot for a takedown against the cage. Sanchez defended the takedown for a full minute while hitting Lamas in the head with elbows. Lamas hit Diego with a huge leg kick, completely taking out Sanchez's right leg. Sanchez began to limp while Lamas continued to target the leg. Lamas shot for a takedown while Sanchez was limping against the cage, with Sanchez being able to work his way out with a couple of quick scrambles. Sanchez came out limping off of the break, which prompted Lamas to throw another hard leg kick to the calf of Sanchez. This caused Sanchez to lose his balance, allowing Lamas to land a couple of solid punches to his head before the round ended.

Lamas almost landed a headkick to start the round after faking a low kick. Both Lamas and Sanchez began to throw wild techniques, until Lamas finally took out Sanchez's leg, causing Sanchez to spin out of control and land against the cage. Sanchez taunted Lamas to engage with him, but Lamas chose to work for the takedown while Sanchez was injured. A quick spinning elbow from Lamas off of the break opened up a cut on Sanchez. As Lamas continued to land strikes to the head and legs, Sanchez tried baiting Lamas into a brawl by throwing wild punches. Lamas stayed controlled, chopping at Sanchez's legs, ending the fight clinched against the fence to avoid a late onslaught.

Ricardo Lamas def. Diego Sanchez via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

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