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UFC Monterrey results: Silva wins decision, two TUF Latin winners crowned

Check out the results of the main card fights from UFC Fight Night: Magny vs. Gastelum in Monterrey, Mexico.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

While the preliminary card for UFC Monterrey included a bunch of knockout finishes, the main card started with a lot less action. Leandro Silva was able to escape with a decision win against Efrain Escudero while two new TUF Latin American champions were crowned. Here are the main card results:

Leandro Silva def. Efrain Escudero via unanimous decision (29-28 x3) - Lightweight

Escudero started the fight as the aggressor, walking Silva down against the cage. Escudero landed several body kicks but Silva was able to counter with a quick front kick that slapped Escudero in the face. The fighters continued to trade punches and body kicks in the center of the cage. Silva landed a clean right hook during an exchange, which Escudero responded to with a takedown attempt. Escudero could not get the takedown and continued to eat the left hook of Silva. The round ended with Escudero pinning Silva against the cage while pursuing the takedown, followed by a quick exchange of punches on the break.

Escudero started the round the same way as the first, pushing forward as Silva circled against the cage. After looking frustrated at Silva continuing to walk away, the fighters walked to the center of the cage where Escudero got the quick takedown. After a minute on the ground, Silva made his way up but was quickly put back on the ground with a trip. Silva looked for a leg lock while Escudero landed ground and pound from side control. Silva finally made his way to the feet as the round closed out, with Escudero controlling from the top for the final three minutes of the round.

Silva opened the third round with a pair of good combinations against Escudero, who tried to press Silva against the cage. Escudero attempted three takedowns within the span of one minute, with each getting stuffed. Silva clinched Escudero against the cage to land knees against the body. A fourth takedown attempt for Escudero was reversed by Silva, who was able to take Escudero's back. Silva worked for a rear naked choke in the closing minutes while peppering Escudero with small punches. The round closed with Silva still on Escudero's back.

Enrique Barzola def. Horacio Gutierrez via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26) - Lightweight TUF Latin 2 Finale

After a minute of circling and finding range, Gutierrez landed a hard leg kick to Barzola's right leg that noticeably stung. Barzola was keeping far away from Gutierrez's strikes, finally shooting in for a takedown and getting the slam. Gutierrez bounced back up, but Barzola was able to pin him against the cage and get the fight back down to the mat. Barzola landed hard body punches to Gutierrez while in his guard. Gutierrez quickly bucked up and escaped, but was quickly taken down again as the first round closed. Barzola was able to get in a nice left hand while postured up in Gutierrez's guard before the round ended.

Barzola hit the power double leg takedown to start the second round, landing square in the middle of the mat. Barzola continuously postured up in Gutierrez's guard, throwing wild ground and pound. The punches starting taking a toll on Gutierrez's face. Barzola moved into side control where he elbowed Gutierrez a couple of times in the face before the horn sounded to end the round.

Gutierrez started the round as the noticeably fresher fighter despite having been on the bottom for the majority of the first two rounds. Gutierrez started to stuff Barzola's takedown attempts, but the third attempt from Barzola put Gutierrez right on his back in the middle of the cage. It was wash, rinse and repeat for Barzola as the third round saw him dominate Gutierrez from the top, controlling the rest of the round.

Erick Montano def. Enrique Marin via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29) - Welterweight TUF Latin 2 Finale

Montano pinned Marin against the cage early on in the fight, hitting him with short shots from the clinch. After a couple of exchanges, Montano went back to clinching Marin against the cage, but was quickly reversed. A takedown from Montano put Marin on his back, but Marin was able to quickly sweep Montano to get on top. Montano was able to escape to his feet quickly after. Marin landed a solid uppercut in the final minute while stuffing a good takedown attempt from Montano.

Montano caught Marin early in the second round with a nice combination, but it was quickly followed by a takedown from Marin. Montano was able to escape and get a takedown of his own, pinning Marin against the cage. Marin was able to go for a leg lock, reversing the position and ending up on top of Montano. Montano escaped, and both fighters got back to their feet midway through the round. Both fighters looked significantly slowed down on the feet compared to the first round. Marin choose to clinch Montano after being on the receiving end on a couple of punches. Montano escaped and continued to hit Marin with leg kicks and punches.

The fighters embraced at the beginning of the final round. Montano continued to out-strike Marin from range, throwing a lot of side kicks to the legs and the body. After a minute of clinching against the cage, the fighters separated. Montano was able to avoid the strikes Marin while landing kicks. Marin pushed for a takedown but couldn't complete it, eating a combination on the break. Montano seemed to have really slowed down in the final minute, eating a high kick from Marin. Montano responded soon after with a takedown as the final round ended.

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