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UFC Monterrey: Corner, ref under fire after Jorgensen taps out with leg injury

Questionable (and that's an understatement) cornering and inept refereeing led to Scott Jorgensen fighting on one leg for much longer than he ever needed to at UFC Fight Night 78 in Mexico.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Jorgensen was in no position to keep fighting vs. Alejandro Perez in the 2nd round of their UFC Fight Night 78 showdown in Monterrey, Mexico, but he ended up almost lasting the entire round on essentially one leg before finally tapping out after throwing a head kick. Here's the ending of the fight, via FOX Sports (Note: Video may be geo-blocked in some regions)

The leg injury was caused by a leg kick thrown by Perez at the end of round 1. Jorgensen buckled his left leg and he was limping to his corner before FS1 went to break. Jorgensen's corner didn't stop the fight between rounds, and the former WEC contender could hardly stand. It made for uncomfortable viewing as Jorgensen limped his way throughout the cage. Referee Gary Copeland didn't intervene to stop the fight as Jorgensen struggled to mount any meaningful offense (for obvious reasons). Jorgensen's corner even said, "Look what you're doing without a foot!"

Jorgensen finally tapped out after he was in excruciating pain trying to throw a kick with his bad leg. He didn't tap out earlier, the corner didn't even think about stopping the fight, and Copeland never really positioned himself to stop it. Just an awful round to watch and possibly the last we've seen of Scott Jorgensen in the UFC, who is now 2-8 in his last 10.

MMA media and fans were irate over the handling of this situation by both Jorgensen's corner and the referee.

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