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Video: Conor McGregor says 'emotional' Jose Aldo will over-extend and get KO'd

Watch a 23-minute clip where Conor McGregor talks about his life after winning the UFC interim belt, and his upcoming bout against Jose Aldo.

Conor McGregor is preparing to face Jose Aldo this December, in a highly anticipated title unification bout. The proud Irishman says that not only is he doubting his opponent will show up, he believes the long build up and all the emotions involved will play against Aldo and lead to his downfall.

"I don't think he'll be there. I just don't think he'll be there. He didn't show up the last time. We'll see," McGregor said. "(Based on) history, eye contact, words, mind frame, even his gym, his training approach. I just don't think with all those things combined, he can make it to the contest."

"But if he shows up, I feel I will KO him inside one," he said. "If he makes that walk, if I see him inside the Octagon, every single movement I make, I will get an over-reaction out of him because he is emotionally invested in it. There's too much in it for him. The whole country of Brazil, it's all piling on him."

"If I just go 'huh' (feints'), he will react a million times too much," McGregor explained. "That's how I see the fight playing out. I see him over reacting, over extending, then KO'd unconscious."

Watch the entire interview above, where McGregor also takes offense at the 'interim' champion tag, and speaks about the life since winning that belt last July.