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Timeline Photos: UFC's Diego Sanchez drops down to 4th weight class at 145 lbs

Here's a timeline of how Diego Sanchez looks from 185 dropping down each weight class up until 145 lbs.


Diego Sanchez made his UFC debut back in 2005 where he beat Kenny Florian to become the inaugural Ultimate Fighter winner at middleweight. More than a decade later, he will join his former TUF opponent in being the only two UFC fighters to have competed in 4 different weight classes.

For several years, Sanchez has fought back and forth at 170 lbs and 155 lbs, with the general thinking that he's a 'tweener: undersized at welterweight but has too tough a cut to lightweight. The Nightmare proved this to be wrong as despite the recent IV ban, he reinvented himself and was shockingly able to drop to 145 lbs for his contest on Saturday night.

Check out a time line of photos below to see of how he looks physically as he went from middleweight to welterweight, lightweight, and now featherweight.

Diego Sanchez timeline

Photos are screen grabs from YouTube videos. For the full size image, click here.

Sanchez made weight and seemed in good spirits after the weight cut, saying he expects to be around 170 lbs when he steps in the cage. He will have a tough task ahead of him as he faces former title contender Ricardo Lamas, and time will tell if Sanchez will be able to still maintain the pace and cardio he is known for at this new division.

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