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Chad Mendes: Nik Lentz would destroy Conor McGregor

Chad Mendes says Nik Lentz would destroy interim UFC featherweight champ Conor McGregor.

We all know what Chad Mendes thinks when it comes to having a full camp against Conor McGregor. Not only does he believe he could 'kill' the interim UFC champ under normal circumstances, he even thinks one of his former victims would 'destroy' him too.

The Team Alpha Male star said just that while answering a question about his cardio:

"The only people that are questioning my conditioning are Conor McGregor nut-hangers, and that’s just because he said that," Mendes told Submission Radio. "And dude, look at my fight with Aldo. I fought Aldo, who’s one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world. I went five rounds with him and pushed the pace the entire time."

"When I’m prepared, my cardio is never an issue. It never has been. There’s been one other fight with [Nik] Lentz, where I was sick and fought through it, and still beat that guy, who in my opinion would destroy Conor. So you’re always gonna get those people who are talking shit. And I don’t think my cardio is an issue. It never has been. I took that fight on short-notice, and that’s why it was an issue in that fight."

"I train a proper fight, I kill Conor. And I don’t think my conditioning is gonna be a problem in this fight (against Edgar)."

As for his actual upcoming bout, Mendes faces Frankie Edgar on the same weekend Aldo and McGregor competes, and he states that taking this bout was a bad idea for 'The Answer'.

"This a bad match up for Frankie. I feel like this is kind of a stupid move on his part if he’s trying to get after that title shot," he said. "But this is a fight that I win, it’s huge for my legacy. I mean Frankie has been in the sport for so long, he’s beaten some of the best, he’s been the champion at 155. And so for me, I think that this is the type of opponent that when I beat, I get put right into that category. I know this will be huge for my career."

Listen to the entire interview above where talks about the match up and how his wrestling and striking stacks up to Edgar's.

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