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After UFC 193 Dana White insists Ronda Rousey 'really did have that Mike Tyson aura'

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The UFC president talks about his biggest star's loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193.

Dana White spoke to TMZ about Ronda Rousey's shocking upset KO loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193 Saturday in Melbourne, Australia (transcription via MMA Mania).

"She was the champ and that's what made her so bad ass is that she didn't care what people thought," he said. "Hopefully that's the way it's gonna remain when she comes back from Australia. You've just gotta block all that negativity out.

"It just shows what a polarizing figure and what a polarizing champion she was. It's crazy, man. I was saying this morning, we used to call her, she was like our version of Mike Tyson. She had that Mike Tyson aura about her. Now, in losing, you see that she really did. She really did have that Mike Tyson aura.

"The thing is at the end of the day, we found out Muhammad Ali was human. Mike Tyson was human. Ronda Rousey is human. Everybody is human. In every sport, people win and lose. I think the story now is, how will Ronda come back from this?"

Rousey has been given a medical suspension of up to six months following her loss to Holm and is expected to begin shooting on a remake of Roadhouse so it will be a minute before we find out if Rousey can maintain her "Tyson aura" even after a loss.