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Uriah Hall says Cyborg is 'on dope,' compares UFC fans to terrorists (Updated)

Uriah Hall lashed out at fans who have turned against Ronda Rousey following her UFC 193 loss to Holly Holm, but he didn't stop there.

Matt Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Uriah Hall is never one to shy away from an opinion on MMA fans and the media, especially if they spout off negativity. So it's no surprise that he took to Instagram to address the behavior of fans following Ronda Rousey's knockout defeat vs. Holly Holm at UFC 193. He came to Rousey's defense, noted her wealth and success in the sport ... and then said some fans were no different from a terrorist.

It kills me how people true color shines how one woman change the face of this sport inspiring men women and kids to not only reach a dream but change the game @rondarousey is still a legend yes we all fall but some of you guys are no different from a terrorist smfh just remember at the end of the day all you have is words ... Meanwhile she still has more money than you she's still love by many and she still one of the best in the world.. Go ahead type away mother fuckers type away ...

So as the "mother fuckers typed away," many fans pointed out the poor timing of his comparison. One of them later brought up Cris Cyborg, most likely in a confrontational manner. Whatever was originally said by Raphaelct (who followed up by saying Cyborg would beat Hall), Uriah went off on him, said Cyborg was "on dope", then threatened to slap the fan.

(H/T Josh Samman for the screenshot)

Hall is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Robert Whittaker at UFC 193, which denied him a three-fight winning streak to close out the year.

UPDATE: Hall has since changed "terrorists" to "shit stains".

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