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UFC champ says Rousey needs at least a year to prepare for Holm rematch

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Daniel Cormier says, "I would actually not fight her back again, if I was Team Rousey."

It seems like everyone has an opinion about Ronda Rousey's shocking upset loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193. UFC light heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier guested on the Colin Cowherd show yesterday (transcribed by MMA Fighting) and shared his thoughts on the fight.

"Holly Holm looked like a world-beater on Saturday," said Cormier. "Going forward, they're talking about an immediate rematch for Ronda Rousey? The improvements Ronda needs to make will take much longer than the six-month break she's anticipating. She needs a year or so. I would actually not fight her back again, if I was Team Rousey."

"There was never a second in that fight were you thought Holly Holm was in trouble," said Cormier. "She took one big left hook in the first round, but from the start of the fight, from that first straight left hand that just tagged Ronda and her chin touched her shoulder, I was like, 'Oh boy.' Your chin is not supposed to touch the back of your shoulder and Ronda's did four times on Saturday night."

Cormier fought three times in 2015 and hopes to return in April to face former champ Jon Jones who was stripped of the title following an arrest for hit and run. Jones won their January, 2015 match. Cormier beat Anthony "Rumble" Johnson to claim the vacant title then defended the belt against Alexander Gustafsson.