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Holly Holm: Punching Ronda Rousey in the face was 'satisfying'

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The new UFC women's bantamweight champion enjoyed hitting Ronda Rousey in the face.

When Holly Holm dethroned Ronda Rousey with a second-round TKO at UFC 193 last Saturday, it was the biggest upset in recent UFC history. Not only was it arguably the biggest win in the career of 18-time boxing world champion Holm, it was also a very pleasing experience for her.

"Satisfying," Holm said when as to describe the feeling of landing punches to Rousey's face. However, she was also quick to explain that this has nothing to do with the offending rant Rousey posted on her Instagram after a scuffle at the weigh-ins.

"I don't take it personally. There's a lot of emotions involved in a fight and if anybody has ever been in there, they know that. There's a lot of emotions, it's tense. People get worked up. Some people do it so they can kind of get up for the fight. But for me, I don't take anything personal. I just want to get in there and win.

"I'm not going to say I don't love to punch people in the face. But that's just part of the sport. Every time I land a punch, it's satisfying because I know I just scored. I know I'm on top. It's like a chess match, I know that I landed a good one. It's not like, 'Oh I hurt someone.' It's like an instant gratification of a bit of an accomplishment. It's hard to explain."

Holm was a 12/1 underdog against the unbeaten Rousey going into UFC 193. UFC president Dana White already hinted that there is going to be an immediate rematch. With Rousey possibly being out until May 2016, this rematch appears likely for the historic UFC 200 in July.

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