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Ronda Rousey hides face from reporters at airport

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Upon returning to Los Angeles following her knockout loss at UFC 193, Ronda Rousey hid her face from a swarm of reporters at the airport.

Ronda Rousey's reign as UFC women's bantamweight champion ended Saturday night at UFC 193 in thunderous fashion, as she was knocked out by Holly Holm in the second round. That doesn't mean the media has forgotten about Rousey though - not by a long shot. As she returned home to Los Angeles she was swarmed by a group of reporters at LAX, which included TMZ.

The above video via TMZ shows Rousey, who is covering herself up by having a hood over her head, wearing sunglasses, and holding a pillow over her face. She is accompanied by her boyfriend Travis Browne, and escorted into a waiting vehicle.

Despite TMZ's implication in the headline on their post, Rousey and Browne don't speak to reporters at all at the scene.

Rousey (12-1, 6-1 UFC) has only made one public statement since the fight, which was an Instagram post where she said she would be taking some time off but she'd be back. She is expected to start filming a movie soon. While no rematch between Rousey and Holm has been announced, UFC president Dana White has indicated that the promotion will likely go in that direction.