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Diaz blames Rousey's UFC 193 loss on 'simple mistake'

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Seems like someone forgot to clue Ronda Rousey in on some MMA basics. At least that's Nick Diaz's interpretation as he put her loss down to a "simple mistake."

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

At one point considered the woman component of the Diaz clan (a label she's somewhat outgrown), Rousey has always seemed to have a pretty solid relationship with Nick and Nate. So, maybe it's not much of a surprise that Nick Diaz would be there to offer some encouraging words to the former champ after her first career loss.

And just maybe point out something she and her camp may have missed in their fight prep:

Apparently Diaz is still none to pleased with the result of his unanimous decision loss to Anderson Silva, although at this point, there are no official results for that fight since both he and Anderson failed drug tests surrounding the bout. Perhaps it lives on as a robbery in spirit.