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Holm's manager banks six figures betting on Rousey loss at UFC 193

There's no better sign of faith in your fighter heading into a major title fight, than betting a bunch of money on them getting the win. That's just what Holm's manager did for a massive payday.

Not many MMA fans know who Lenny Fresquez is. He's the man who has been in charge of handling Holly Holm's boxing and MMA careers. The mover behind the scenes, negotiating contracts, getting deals in place. The man most likely responsible for Holm's demand of a better than average entry contract into the UFC, a demand that had Zuffa brass balking back in 2014 when Dana White said he was 'not interested whatsoever' in the Legacy FC fighter.

Now she's UFC champion and Fresquez is a very happy man:

"Just basking the glory, just basking in what I knew would come true," Fresquez said when asked about his current mood. "I've always believed in Holly and any obstacle we've put in front of her she's always conquered. When she's stumbled, she didn't want to do anything else but get up and fight the girl that had beat her. She's just an amazing person. I've worked with a lot of fighters and she's an exceptional fighter. There's not many fighters like her with heart, grit, loyalty, dedication... I mean, she's just the kind of athlete that you can't say enough good things about. Role model... I mean, 'Preacher's Daughter' fits her well."

Fresquez went on to express his firm belief that Holm was always going to win this fight, going so far as to say that he predicted that Holm would KO Rousey in the second round. And considering his firm belief in his fighter and the incredibly long odds against her, it only made sense that he would cash in at the bookies:

"Of course I did, of course I did," Fresquez responded when asked if he bet money on Holm. "We made a lot of money, and thank you Vegas for putting the odds up like that."

He wouldn't go into details as to just how much he won betting on Holm's win, but said "We got into the six figures, I'll put it that way."

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