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UFC 193 PPV result: Holly Holm KOs Ronda Rousey with head kick

Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm have wrapped up the UFC 193 main event in front of a huge crowd at the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. Read how the fight played out right here on Bloody Elbow.

UFC 193 was all about Ronda Rousey's latest women's bantamweight title defense. The MMA superstar received a huge ovation from the Australian crowd, as she geared up for her main event showdown against former world-class boxing champion Holly Holm. Rousey was, as ever, the expectant favorite, but Holm was ready to live up to her promise that she would "shock the world" and beat a woman billed as the most dominant athlete in all of sports.

UFC 193: Rousey vs Holm - live results, play by play, discussion (PPV)

No glove touch for Rousey even though Holm extended her gloves out. Rousey came forward trying to close the distance. She missed with a right hand. Holm cracked her with a power left hand. Rousey's straight right came up short. Holm drilled her with another left. And then a right. One minute had elapsed and Holm had evaded Rousey's dreaded clinch. Rousey got Holm clinched against the fence and threw some knees. Rousey didn't get her down and Holm landed a knee on the exit. Rousey got hit with a left and then clinched up and took Holm down. Ronda tried to set up the armbar but Holm was able to escape. Holm was tagging Rousey with the Jon Jones-esque oblique kicks. Two uppercuts by Rousey in the clinch. Straight left by Holm. Holly was tagging Ronda with regularity although Holm lost her mouthpiece. Holm took Rousey down with more than 40 seconds left in the round. They exchanged knees in the clinch. Rousey was noticeably bleeding.

Holm kept tagging Rousey with the left hand. Rousey whiffed on the takedown. Another straight left hurt Rousey. She was chasing Holm, slipped to the ground, and then a huge head kick KO'd Rousey!!!!!

Official result: Holly Holm def. Ronda Rousey via KO (head kick) at :59 of round 2 to become the NEW UFC women's bantamweight champion

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This fight wasn't even close. Holm dominated Rousey for a large part of this fight and has pulled off one of the biggest upsets in UFC history. Rousey loses for the first time in her career.

Stay tuned for more Bloody Elbow coverage, including the post-fight press conference, bonuses, highlights, and analysis.

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