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White: Ronda Rousey will 'probably' fight six more times in her career

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Despite being just 28 years old, the end of Ronda Rousey's MMA career might come sooner than you'd think.

If you're a big fan of Ronda Rousey, you should probably watch her fight while you can. Because she's not going to be around forever, and UFC president Dana White stated yesterday that the end of her MMA career might come sooner than later.

Ahead of UFC 193, White was doing a fan Q&A where he was predictably asked a lot of questions about Rousey. One of the things he was quizzed about was how much longer Rousey will compete. With a lot of outside opportunities such as a movie career, Rousey has stated in the past that she doesn't want to stick around fighting forever. But White put a solid number of fights on it when asked yesterday.

He stated that Ronda will "probably" fight six more times in her career.

Rousey (12-0, 6-0 UFC) , the UFC women's bantamweight champion, will be taking her third fight of 2015 when she steps into the cage against Holly Holm tonight at UFC 193 in Melbourne. She has stated that she's going to "disappear" after this fight, and probably won't compete again until UFC 200 next July.

White also stated that Ronda's next bout might be against Cris Cyborg, assuming she can make 135 pounds.