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Dana White: Miesha Tate 'probably should retire if that's what she's thinking'

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UFC president Dana White responds to Miesha Tate publicly contemplating her retirement from MMA, spurred on by UFC's decision to deny her another title shot vs. Ronda Rousey.

Theoretically, tonight could've been Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate III. The former Strikeforce women's bantamweight champion has won her last 4 bouts, and her win over Jessica Eye was supposed to net her another title shot against her arch rival, who has beaten her twice before. Of course, that didn't happen, Holly Holm got the shot instead, which left Tate absolutely crestfallen.

Dana White's reasoning for Rousey vs. Holm over Rousey vs. Tate III was based on "everyone has seen the Miesha fight." Tate has no let up on her disappointment over the UFC's decision, and has openly contemplated retirement.

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In a rare (at least these days) interview with media, White spoke to Submission Radio about Tate's recent comments, and said that "it's probably a good idea" for Tate to retire if she is thinking about it right now.

"I want somebody that wants it. You know, Miesha Tate is talking about retiring right now. In this sport, when you start thinking about retiring, you should retire. Miesha probably should retire if that’s what Miesha’s thinking right now. [It’s] probably a good idea. But I want girls that, you know - these women think they want that title, but they have no idea what it takes to really have that title and what it means to be a champion and how hard it is to carry it. And like Joanna telling you, ‘I think I want some time off after this fight’, because the obligations are hard and very few people can really do it."

You can see the full interview by watching the video at the top of the page.