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UFC 193 preview: How long till Ronda Rousey retires?

Connor Ruebusch of Bloody Elbow takes a quick look at Rousey vs Holm and wonders, "who's next?"

Ronda Rousey only achieved stardom in the last two years. She's only been fighting professionally since 2011. And yet already, on the eve of what may be her biggest fight to date, we are forced to consider her retirement.

Holly Holm is set to be Rousey's 13th opponent overall, her seventh since coming to the UFC in 2013. She could be the one to stop Rousey's rise, but if not we're forced to start asking, "Who's next?" With a shrinking pool of challengers from which to choose, Rousey's retirement will start to seem just as inevitable as her many finishes. We won't wonder "if," but "when?"

No matter what happens at UFC 193, athletes of Rousey's caliber don't come around often. Joe Rogan's penchant for hyperbolizing aside, Ronda Rousey truly is a once-in-a-generation phenomenon, one of the most dominant champions the sport of MMA has ever known, and a controversially captivating character to boot.