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UFC 193 Embedded: Rousey, Holm get heated at weigh-ins

Check out the latest episode of UFC 193 Embedded.

The hour is almost upon us. UFC 193 kicks off later this evening and the UFC have provided us with another behind-the-scenes embedded episode.

Episode 5 introduces us to esteemed American journalist, Barbara Walters. The news anchor had an encouraging message for Ronda Rousey: "Hello Ronda. You know, people sometimes embarass me by saying that I am a trailblazer. Thanks very much, but you are also a trailblazer. You have broken new grounds...and you've broken a few other things as well. So, congratulations - keep up the fight."

Holly Holm, Joanna Jędrzejczyk and Valerie Létourneau also fielded questions from reporters. While Létourneau is a heavy underdog against the Pole, she's certainly not afraid of her opponent. "You think I'm scared to be hurt? I'm doing mixed martial arts, you think I'm scared to get hurt? I don't care, I'm going in there will all of my tools and she can break my jaw, she can break my nose, she can break my arm but I keep going - she's going to have to finish me," she said.

The highlight of the episode came in the closing minutes when Ronda Rousey faced off with Holly Holm at the weigh-ins. Holm, who has remained entirely stoic throughout pre-fight build-up, flipped the champion off when she pushed her forearm into Rousey's face.

Check out all of the footage above.