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UFC Interview: Myles Jury calls Ronda Rousey the perfect storm

Recently, the Three Amigos Podcast sat down with Jury for an interview, and discussed the UFC's top earner, Ronda Rousey.

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Over the last several months, Myles Jury has opened up about a variety of topics that are of concern to him. The Reebok deal and fighter pay have been subjects he's discussed openly either in interviews, via social media or from his own website where he frequently blogs.

Recently, the Three Amigos Podcast sat down with Jury for an interview, and discussed the UFC's top earner, Ronda Rousey. While some fans and even media have grumbled over the vast disparity in pay grade between Ronda and the rest of the roster, Myles has a sensible, pragmatic view on the women's bantamweight champion.

"Honestly, I can't hate on Ronda Rousey. I mean, I sit back and wish that I was in her shoes, but she's kind of like the perfect storm with the way she fights and with the women's division just recently being built, along with the charisma she brings to the Octagon and all that. I can't really say anything at all about what she's getting paid, because she sells a lot of tickets. I feel like a lot of people tune in to watch her fight, and that's what it goes back to; it's a fighting organization, and they're selling tickets. They're trying to put people in seats, and if somebody can do that better than everybody else, then they're gonna make more money."

You can check out more from this excellent interview here or via the embedded player below. The interview starts at the 1:10:00 mark of the audio. Topics discussed are:

-How far out from a title shot he will be with a win over Do Bronx

-Why he decided to drop to featherweight

-The benefits of moving to Power MMA

-How he thinks Aldo/McGregor will go down

-If he'd still be interested in a fight with McGregor if he loses to Aldo

-Thoughts on Ronda Rousey being highest paid athlete

-Frustration with people that don't understand that weight-cutting is a very big part of fighting

-Working with George Lockhart to safely make the cut to featherweight

-Emotional toll of weight cutting, especially for the lighter weight classes

-What the week following his first loss was like

-How much of an impact performance bonuses have leading up to a fight

-Wild spectator experience of watching never-ending fights in Iowa

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