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UFC 193 Video: Rousey blasts Holm for 'fake sweet act' after weigh-in skirmish

Real emotion or PPV selling promo? Ronda Rousey goes off on Holly Holm at the UFC 193 weigh-ins after a physical confrontation at the staredown resulted in Dana White's intervention.

It was an intense moment when Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm got physical during the UFC 193 weigh-in staredown (Video at top of the page). Holm put her hand on Rousey's face, it looked like a fight was about to break out, then Dana White came in to separate the two headliners. This whole ordeal let to one hell of a response by Rousey when speaking to Joe Rogan: (All transcriptions via MMA Fighting)

"I just wanted to get in her face and show her that I was there for a reason," Rousey told Joe Rogan immediately afterward. "She's the one that put the fist on my face. I didn't touch her. She's the one that touched me and I told her that fake, sweet act -- I can see right through it. I really do. It was all fake. All until now. All that respect, all that everything, all you being sweet. I see right now that it's fake and you're gonna get it on Sunday.

"You're not the first person that thought that you had the perfect plan to beat me. It's not the first time that your camp thought they had the perfect plan to beat me. I'm gonna show you on Sunday why I'm the champ."

Before Rousey unleashed that speech, Holm only offered up her plan to shock the world and that she has all the respect in the world for her.

"Well, I'm here and that's right, I am here to shock the world. I know that I have my hands full with Ronda. I have all the respect for her in the world. She's done a hard job there, she's ran through everybody. But I'm a different fighter."

On FOX Sports 1, Rousey elaborated on her unexpected shots towards Holm, and what Holm did that led to her reaction.

"All I ever really notice about her is during the staredowns and during the weigh-in, she likes to have her hand on the outside," Rousey said on the FOX Sports 1 weigh-in show. "So I just wanted to place my hand on the outside. That was it. I could tell she got really frustrated and didn't like that and actually put her fist on my face. I didn't really think that was called for at all. All I wanted to do was have my hand on the outside and it was already frustrating her."

Whatever the case, the video has already been a hit in the sports world and it could very well serve as a big promotional last-minute push for those who haven't bought the PPV yet.

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