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UFC 193: Rousey hopes she deserves her fame and fortune

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The UFC women's champ spoke to the media after the UFC 193 open workout yesterday.

Ronda Rousey spoke to the assembled media before UFC 193 yesterday in Australia about her new found fame and dealing with success.

"I really hope I deserve this," she said. "I'm trying my best to deserve it. I really, really am. Sometimes it's just like that you kind of get wrapped up in how amazing this all is. You get so wrapped up in the fight and it causes so much fear and anxiety and stress in you. You kind of lose sight of how amazing it is sometimes. This fight has really been an opportunity to say that.

Rousey then told the media that she had spontaneously began crying at the gym the other day just from seeing that tatame mats.

"I just started crying," she said. "My coach was like, 'What's wrong?' And I was like, 'I love these mats. I love the mats.' That's why I want to win. That's why I'm better than all these girls.

"You think Holly Holm ever looks at a boxing ring and cries, because she loves it so much? No. That's why I have these moments when I look out and everyone is cheering my name and I'm like, 'Who are you people and why do you like me?' It's overwhelming sometimes. I'm trying my best to appreciate it. And I'm gonna show my appreciation for them by winning in the most fantastic way possible and making them so happy that they were there to see it."

Rousey fights Holly Holm at UFC 193 in Melbourne, Australia Saturday.